Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grateful Sunday

  1. This week I am grateful for this talk by Bonnie D. Our lesson was again, wonderful, given by darling Amy J. wherein she played the Pete Breinholdt song "What About". I have heard the song countless times in my U of U days, but never considered its true meanings. As Amy taught, and Peter B. had stated in a fireside, he used to have to drive to work a long distance, and I believe Annie suggested he think of all of the things he was grateful for in that drive. Well, something like that, but now its courus of "what about the September moons, and what about all the flowers in bloom, and what about a mother holding her new child." Tears were flowing down my face and I heard countless sniffles from the other relief gang members in the room. I might just have to buy the album again (for like the 4th time!) or check itunes.
  2. I am grateful for good music. It makes me dance, smile, laugh, and remember good times.
  3. A hard working husband dedicated to providing for our family. And that he has the strength and courage to go mountain bike riding with a very experienced/daily rider/next week "Widowmaker Race" racer, to the top of Solitude and back down and make it home in one piece.
  4. Healthy, healthy, healthy children.
  5. Bike rides. Yeah, both Rachel and Kate bought road bikes yesterday! Kate and I took in our first road-bike ride in the dusk of last night. I can't wait to ride with Rachel, hopefully in CA.
  6. The rest and peace we receive when we really take Sunday off!
  7. German oven pancakes! For a quick, easy, fatty, and delicious Sunday brunch!
  8. Shade shirts (yes still wearing them, underneath my favorite jean jackets, allowing my to dress for church in less than 2 minutes).
  9. That my hair will grow again (unless its like my eyebrows, which seem to refuse to grow in the places plucked for so many years).
  10. The boys playing peek-a-boo and making P giggle, giggle, giggle (shown above).


Rachel said...

Peter will be on iTunes. That is one of our favs since we are diehard:) P is so chubs, I'm loving it! And I love your end of summer post! Can I move in next door? Just don't tell Ryan...or something!

Christie K said...

P is so tall!! You probally have a beautiful Dori-double on your hands. Thanks for all your counts of gratitude, it reminds me to count my own blessings.

Andy said...

I'm grateful for my Funny Madre!

MarySue said...

Great post. I'm full of gratitude to have a daughter (in law) in you Annette. Loves.

sligtingfamily said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I feel like I have to say this is Brooke. I need to find out how to change my identity to say Brooke instead of sligting. Ok, I have to comment on the biking! I've had my road bike for two years now, and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm so excited for anyone who is starting to bike, its the best!