Thursday, August 16, 2007

Genie Fall Trend Wishes

I did this pretty quick, but in my fall shopping dreams, I would buy these luxuries. ALA Mrs. Dub's Seasonal Fashion Genie.Ribbon Back Boots from Anthropologie $298 or so. I've been wanting these for at least 3 years.
If I had the money, I would buy something funky for the season like this. It's the Prada Hobo Ombre.

TSE Cashmere Dress. I love Grey. I love Cashmere.


Mrs. Dub said...

Mmm ... yummy picks!

I wish I had SIX wishes!

Gretchen said...

I'm having some serious shoe lust over here. Those boots RULE!

And the bag is super sass! Grrrr!

Grey? Cashmere? What could be better!

All in all, Excellent picks!

Kathy said...

Love those boots!

The Bunch Family said...

Love all those. When you find the money tree save me a twig!!!!!!