Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have issues, but I obviously dig these things...

thanks janaya, well, you don't know it and you may never know it, but i totally copied this from your site.

five things i was doing 10 years ago:
1. getting ready for my last quarter of undergrad as a newly married woman.
2. working at cb richard ellis and getting stuck cleaning 508 sometimes
3. living on Princeton for $300 at $1/square foot
4. cruising around sugarhouse with ak on the scooter
5. loving my one and only niece Bailey

five songs i know the lyrics to:
1. Do You Know (the ping pong song)
2. Come Come Ye Saints (my favorite hymn)
3. Summertime Rolls by Jane's Addiction (I even translated it into French!)
4. "I want to ride" from the cd that comes with the mike and the bike book
5. shake your rump by beastie boys (well, I try)

five things i would buy if i were a millionaire:
1. my home's mortgage
2. a wicked, macked out suburban (because then I could afford the gas, sorry environment)
3. furniture, the good stuff, sorry ikea
4. put some of it away for kids' college/retirement
5. summer vacations in france, italy, argentina, africa, japan, china, new york, etc.

five things i would never wear again:
1. a bikini
2. daisy dukes
3. moon boots
4. mini-skirt
5. reeboks

five things i would like to do:
1. bicycle through france and italy
2. african safari
3. pay for kids' college
4. enjoy my children's childhood
5. live up to my potential

five favorite toys:
1. my snoopy belle doll (i took every day to kindergarten, and i still have it!)
2. anything that giggles
3. a toy record player which I played cinderella on over and over
4. legos, building blocks, still love them
5. barbie/matchboc cars - as a total tomboy, they are a tie in my book!


MarySue said...

This was fun to read. I didn't know any of the music but all the vacations you dream of taking are right up my alley!!!!

janaya said...

you thought i'd never know... but little did you know how much time i had on my hand to peruse through my long list of friends of friends who have blogs. :) glad you ripped me off... that's what a good ol' mememe post is for. and seriously... daisy dukes... what were we thinking?

janaya said...

haha... HANDS... time i had on my HANDS. as in i have more than one. :)