Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Cici

Happy Birthday Cici. I guess I thought since I talk to you three times a day, I kind of let the 'blog birthday shout out' slide, so sorry! You know I love you to death and for eternity. Although you are my little sister, you surely have been my example and beacon in my life. When my life wasn't so "straight" you gave me the push I needed simply by saying "What are you doing?", plain and simple, but enough to let me know how much you love and care for me and how you wanted me to be a part of your eternity. I love being with you, since you make my belly ache and my cheeks burn with laughter and hilarity. My favorites are drive-by shouts, especially "say no to crack" on Bayside, tampooning (you don't want to know, if you are in college or truly desperate, maybe you do), rollin' in the accord playing N.W.A., screaming through rain puddles on the island, my dorm room and making up words for the pearl jam song (I can't remember for the life of me), Nikki Ricci and I taunting you with the Depeche Mode song 'I ask myself, is it a sin, to kill Rachel, the alien', driving with you and Ryan ANYWHERE, going to restaurants with you guys and always getting horrible service and still tipping well, Jesse's bouquet jump wedding shot of you, cheerleading with you, practicing our cheerleading photos with you years before we were actually cheerleaders, driving to seminary with no contacts with you, making you an accomplice in our post-CIF basketball win everyone invited over to our house party, beating the heck out of you when we were little kids (you totally held your own though), sharing rooms with you until Irvine Terrace, playing tennis at the Bay Club, shopping H&M on the first day L.A., visiting you as an hermana in Spain (was looking at pictures today), picking and tooting, fighting with Josh in St. George (go Rachie!), guiding you on your new biking adventures, and more. You are awesome. I love you. You are 30! I outted you for posterity (which outs me since I am older!). You are a beautiful, sweet, hilarious, yogurt leaving on the top of the car, super sister and best buddy.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the laughs and tears! I love it! You are so great at remembering the funniest things... esp in CD form. LOVE IT! Love you too!

Trevlyn said...

Hope your birthday was special, Rachel! What a gorgeous picture of you and your sweet girl!