Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's 4:15 & AK,P, H, & I are watching Chariots of Fire

Owen is napping. This is a picture from about a week ago, showing that P in our just benevolently received exersaucer from Aunt Megan, is already on the top level and touching the ground (she is tall). She's barely sitting up, not by herself at all, but in the exersaucer chair and the Bumbo. H is definitely ready for school (and I am ready to have him there). O met his new school chums last night at a get together at the park. And P and I are looking forward to morning walks, and mid-morning naps!

Abrahams just won the 50, stay low, chest out, first stride. This is the classiest movie. I cry like every 5 minutes! And Sam Masibini, such a great character! Harold! Awaiting Liddel's race. Great quotes from the movie here.


Trevlyn said...

I know the music but need to see the movie...still! What do you do, put that girl's legs in a stretching machine at night?! She's such a beauty! I can't wait to see back to school pictures!

Katie said...

oh my! I need to get my exersaucer(?) down and ready to go.. I didn't even think of it!

MarySue said...

Great movie and music but greater by far the photo of my darling PJ. Those long legs remind me of Tia Dori.