Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

I'm so glad when daddy comes home
Glad as I can be
Clap my hands, and Shout for Joy
And climb up on his knee
Put my arms around his neck
Hug him tight like this
Pat his cheek, then give him WHAT
A great big KISS!


MarySue said...

Ditto! LOVED those handsome guy photos!! Glad you're all together.

Katie said...

Yeah! for ASK coming home! You did remarkably well- I am impressed!

Christie K said...

So glad you made it!! I sing the same song when Jesse gets home from over night call.

Rachel said...

WOOHOO!! SO happy for you!

Kristen said...

cute guy! i haven't met him yet. we drove by your house last night..we went out to eat w/the miekle's and they drove us by their old house so i showed them yours. we didn't peek in your windows though..(wanted to)

Trevlyn said...

How was Mexico? Tee Hee!