Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Warhol & Dinos & Cute but "Bored" P

My favorite artist, since I was a little kid, has always been Andy Warhol. My favorite museum visit in my life (and I really have been to a few favorites including Getty numerous times (old and new), the MOMA (2nd favorite), the ones in Amsterdam, and seeing Rodins in Spain, LA Art Museum, but the favorite and now re-named old Newport Harbor Art Museum, now the OC Museum of Art or something, had an Andy Warhol exhibit many many moons ago (I was probably 13 or 14). Mi Madre and I went and she surprised me on my next b-day with a beautifully framed print from the exhibit. Anywhoo, I am on this Junior League committee planning our fancy social (the Black and White Night) and it's going to be at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on the U of U campus and the Andy Warhol exhibit will be there. La di da. I am so excited!

Mi madre saw this picture of P from the snow hike (Owen is now declaring he won't go on any more hikes unless there is snow, whatever!) and thought Penele looked bored! Not my girl, bored in the mountains, she loves them, I call her Mountain Girl, she was just quietly contemplating nature's beauties. Hee hee, she does look bored. Next time we'll spice it up with a backpack and snowshoes or something, gee Penelope!

On Dinos, Owen, Morgan, P, & I took a last minute visit to the Dinosaur Park. It was all geared up for Halloween, which was a little scary for the kiddos, who held hands the whole time, but awesome as well. We will definitely go again, in costume, and before Halloween is over, and bring a CAMERA!


sligtingfamily said...

Wow, you have been to a lot of places and some great museums! I'm jealous. Scott and I love to go to museums. (he being a fine arts major) Also, I wanted to throw out the option of watching eachother's kids sometimes for workouts. Let me know if you want me to watch your kids sometme so you can go ride or go to the gym. April and I were talking about doing this, do you want in?

Rachel said...

Cute bored P. That is funny!

MarySue said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip is on your horizon for a fancy new dress. Lucky girl...wait you are really working hard to create this event. Have fun!!

Trevlyn said...

Contemplative, not bored! I love your adventures!