Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daddy's Girl

I love Penelope and AK's relationship. They love each other. When he got back from being out of town all last week, I think she was a little "mad" at him, she wouldn't look and smile and giggle at him for a morning or so, but she's back in true Daddy's girl form and I love that. Thanks for the picture Megan.

P.S. Funny story - so Holden went to school today with his carpenter jeans on backwards. Andy discovered this when at about 5 pm they were at the park and AK was pushing him on the swing and noticed. I laughed so hard, I am glad Holden laughed along too and thought it was funny (it could have gone very badly the other way). It was so funny and awesome to see the button and zipper on his bum side. We asked how in the world he went to the bathroom, and he claimed he hadn't all day! I so wish I had a picture.


Trevlyn said...

What a sweet picture! H is hilarious!!! What a hoot!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

How funny about H!

P is so cute. :)

Rachel said...

Shut up about that need to blow it up huge! That is the cuteness thing.

And I love the H and the jeans. Hilarious. Criss Cross will make you, JUMP JUMP! You should show him that!

MarySue said...

I don't think either of those beautiful faces would enjoy all the many, many kisses I would like to plant on them. Great, great photo!! Loves.

Katie said...

Priceless picture - one for the books- H definitely did not inherit your bladder!