Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Buddy Osterizer

Owen and Morgie at the zoo. You've got to see this pair. He absolutely loves and adores playing with M. It's like watching a giant and a tiny princess play. O loves "skewl". He has a great buddy D, but seems to also be making friends and playing well with others. He's quite the boss, the teacher told me he "reminds" the other kids of the rules when he sees infractions (possibly due to his size mentioned above). He slipped in our newly slick hardwood hallway yesterday and I thought for sure we were headed to the emergency room, but he wailed through a nasty bump on his head. He is a tough kid, with a me-sized temper to match, but 90% of the time really happy and easy going, nice and very flirtatious. As I have said before, he knows a hot broad when he sees one (or you know he's seen one by the way he shows off and his voice goes down a few manly octaves, Kate, Liz J., all 4 Orr girls, V & V, Megan, Cici, to name just a few that can back me up on this). I regrettfully concede that O is no longer taking naps. I think he'll put himself down for one once in a while, and he definitely has an afternoon lay down, but I fear the 2 hour afternoon sleepy-sleep nap is over (it's been a week since his last). Ode to my thumb-sucking, loves to visit and pick tomatoes from E. Hunt, P fan, smiley and fun Owen.

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Liz said...

I just love Owen - such a great mix of wild boyness yet he still has a sweetness about him. My very spunky daughter loves his wildness and always has so much fun with him. Darn these conflicting preschool schedules!