Friday, October 05, 2007

Late Grateful Sunday

Today I am grateful for great friends, one of whom I called 20 minutes before Women's Conference, to take her up on her offer of picking me up and going together. Our darling husbands were taking the kids for pancakes & fun anyway (I so wish there was a secret camera watching these two incredible dads and their brood of 6 kiddos at dinner!). So we sat and listened to conference and cried and I was dying for a pen and paper to take notes, it was all so good. I recommitted myself to saying "Yes" to visiting teaching, service, my family, the scriptures, and prayer. I am so lucky and grateful for another amazing woman, also quite stylish, witty, smart, sweet, amazing with kids, my visiting teaching partner Chelsea. Without her, I can honestly say I wouldn't know my "ladies" at all. I am so lucky to be associated with her fire and desire to do right.

Just that day, I was having a tough, tired of living in Utah down time literally thinking I have no role models surrounding me. This now sounds ridiculous as for one I think of the two amazing people mentioned above, two, my very own mother and sisters, mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, and then three, the amazing ladies in scripture class, my bike riding partner Susan, Irene Torres, Becky Pittam, Liz J., Shannon O., I could go on for days! But that night, when Sister Beck, Sister Allred, and Sister Thompson spoke I thought, hello, here are my role models. These are women I can look up to and emulate and aspire to be. They are leaders, they are kind, they have been chosen, they are God-fearing, they are mothers (if even not literally), friends, and sisters. They spoke to me. I am so glad I got my booty down from the snowy plant sale at Red Butte (where I totally lost track of time) and into a skirt in time to catch it all. President Monson wasn't too shabby either (read: amazing!). I simply can't wait for conference this weekend.

So after the conference we met Kate and her Holladay brood of awesome ladies at my one and only as of late go to place Citrus Grill (it is spelled like that right?), and stayed for hours laughing and talking and just enjoyed being a woman.

I am totally cheating (I am actually writing this on Friday, yes, my third entry, my walking group didn't go and it's still dark at 7:01 and I've been waiting since 5:45). Anyhoo.

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Trevlyn said...

Doesn't W.C. just help click everything into place!!! It's so validating, morale boosting, reaffirming and motivating! We are so blessed! What winter plants do you have in Utah?