Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grateful Sunday

7 Month Old P, Showing off her sippy cup skills

More showing off "I can flip it, I can spin it"

Being cute and possibly thinking "my how wet and cold the water leaking all over my seat feels". Mom showing off her "Baby Boo" bib gift from Grammy Mary Sue! Interesting how she is the first child that has worn bibs (and I love them!) and eats in a highchair, I don't know how we fed those messy, squirmy, hungry boys!

Yesterday's fun with Awesome O and outfit (seriously, girls' clothes are the cutest! I love it!).
    Grateful Sunday
  1. Grateful that after today's performance, I will most likely never be asked to sing in this ward's Sacrament meeting again. As a family, and with another family, we sang "Love Is Spoken Here".
  2. Grateful for our awesome primary. I know, everyone's primary is awesome, but seriously, our little ward rocked the house today, with a super spiritual and cute Primary sacrament meeting. Owen was definitely the front row mischief kid (sorry Caroline for SO disrupting your "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" signing), but they both looked adorable and gave excellent (if even withholding a quite important scripture) talks.
  3. Grateful for a healthy, able body that is going to start exercising tomorrow! (I've taken a few too many weeks off!)


Kristen said...

she's not really 17 mos is she? my how time flies!! she is so cute!

Liz said...

Oh please, the performance of "Love is Spoken Here" was so sweet that it made me all teary-eyed. You guys are such a cute family. And agreed, the primary program was SO cute - it totally made my day. I am still loving my Grandma's comment after the rowdiness during Caroline's valiant attempts to keep signing the song - "Caroline sure chose a little rascal for a boyfriend." Ha ha ha.

Rachel said...

She is so cute...and Isabel has no sippy cup skills at all. Can PJ talk to her about it? And the BABY BOO is too much. You have to save that and use it all the time!!!

I wish I could've heard your performance. Too cute.

And GO TEAM WORKOUT. And I can't go tomorrow. Poop for not having a gym membership because of fires I can't workout outside.

Christie K said...

The PA Knights will also be singing the same song during our Primary program. They will not be asking me back either.

lauri said...

How cute is that bib? I love primary programs! The hit in our ward was the 2 sunbeams sitting on the stand trying to get their teacher's attention who was sitting on the front row in the congregation. They were trying so hard to be reverent and were "whispering"... "Teeeeeeeacher! We have to peeeeeeee!" "Teeeeeeacher! We have to peeeeeee!"

MarySue said...

Glad the bib arrived. You knew I just had to buy it for Boo's baby!!!! Oh how I wish I could have heard you all sing but I think if I had been there I would have been crying and couldn't hear you for my emotions. Isn't it wonderful to know the PA family will be singing the same song!!! All you kids rock. I'm so happy over you all.

Sue said...

Oh, they are so adorable! The primary programs are great, aren't they? We had ours on Sunday too. My six year old cried the whole time because she couldn't see me from where she was sitting, and my 4 year old was angry because they didn't let the little kids sit on the stage and she felt jipped. We had to go home after Sac. Meeting - it was too much for them, tee hee.