Sunday, October 28, 2007

Grateful Sunday

  1. Neighbors. Fun. Friendly. Weird. Needy. Giving. Lonely. New. Absent. Barking. Canadian. Green. Old. Moving. Awesome. Love you all.

  2. Lazy, no soccer Saturdays. Even though only at 10 AM, having fully uniformed for the "11 AM" games, did we discovered we had the week off, we still got to have an awesome lazy Saturday.

  3. Liz' 'Caramel Corn'. I made it yesterday, and thank goodness, didn't have the opportunity to eat it all (very little in fact, but Andy attests it was good). There is something about it, a trigger when you have a few kernels, that makes you want more, more, more. It is sooooo yummy!

  4. Dress shopping alone. Andy sent me shopping this afternoon. Yes, he really did. Once he said, "Go" and gave me my shopping parameters (one dress! nothing else) I was off like a bat out of...a cave. I tried on about 15 "fancy" dresses for the event this coming Saturday. The first one I tried, I ended up buying. I loved it best at first, but had to give the other's a shot.

  5. Boys. New haircuts (Holden, via Dad - he did a really great job!), amazing car artists (we have this 'Car' movie drawing pad, Owen does it all of the time, so today at church he was drawing, by memory, cars in all different colors, so cool! Thank you to Holladay Pre-K for emphasizing free drawing (no 'coloring pages') I seriously think just the mention of how important that is, by H's first year teachers, has helped developed this ability in my children. Of course, AK and his service to our family and lately a lot to our ward family - which I love seeing him do! Even if it means no naps on Sundays for Moi.

  6. A girl. Besides being cute and having the most adorable wardrobe for a 7 month old; her funny, dimpled, people loving, hungry, mountain/outdoor girl, personality is developing more everyday. And I now have a buddy for life (well after the pre-teen & teenage years when I will drive her mad, and then eventually she will love, adore, and appreciate me, right?). Well, until then, she has to come with me wherever I go, so she is stuck with me.

  7. November 3rd is almost here! I get to say Has ta La Vista baby to my very time consuming and lackluster time as a SLC Junior Leaguer (I will still be in a very mellow position dealing with by-laws and policies and procedures, until I take a "financial track" next year. And on November 3rd I get to wear aforementioned dress and party it up fancy museum benefit style with my favorite boy-man.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

Very fun to read up. I love the Halloween pics. I haven't read blogs for like a week so I am way behind, but I'm glad you're still blogging!

The text on the last two gratitude points is kind of small, at least on my computer. FYI.

Love to all...

MarySue said...

Loved your gratitude's and then enlarged the photo and stared at it forever. Loves.

Rachel said...

Glad you found a dress! And those costumes are so cute! I love the purple monster again:) And she is just the cutest puddle ever!

The Ringleader said...

i am grateful for your grateful sundays. it gives me a chance to oohh, ahhh, nod my head in agreement, and be delighted by your positive spirit. thanks!

Christie K said...

So do we get to see you in this fancy dress. I love to live vicariously. Seriouly, I do. The kiddos look so cute. Wish we could get our little puppies together for some fun.

Liz said...

Ahhh, caramel corn. I really can't make it very often because it is so highly addictive. I always end up with a serious caramel corn hangover if I have a bowl of that stuff in my house.