Saturday, October 27, 2007

Grumpy Mail Lady

Dude! Seriously! I know it's possible to be cheerful and sweet and fold my mail nicely and simply place it in our mail slot, rather than shove it all in there so it splatters all over the entryway. Why I know, it's because your much sweeter, cheerful, and yes, friendly counterparts that "substitute" every once in a lotta whiles do it just fine. Yet you continue to ignore our friendly "hellos" and "thank yous" and cease not to complain about the mail slot - the latest - "the spiderweb keeps getting entangled and I keep having to undo it". Oh my gosh - like I am doing it to BUG YOU! ANd seriously, you've got to know I have a baby, you have seen her like 35 times, that is most likely sleeping, (since I am not feeding her or holding her but just sitting here with my computer in my lap, where you choose to usually ignore me) and she was while you rang the doorbell to demonstrate how the web was covering (not like strapping it shut or anything, seriously, like obtrusively and decoratively just happened to be "blowing in the wind") covering the mail slot. OM-Gosh, seriously, put the mail on the front porch if it bothers you so much! It will be easier for me to find my mail scattered all over the porch than all over my entryway and into the coat closet (where it may be lost for weeks!). So I let you know "yes, I have kids, that have fun with the webs" as if you've never seen a child before (because you act like you had no childhood). Maybe you didn't and I am so sorry about that, but seriously, choose to be happy! Don't let the stigma get to you. Friendly two guys that sub for you often (and I wish more often) seem to be okay with it!

On happy neighborly news, 2 new baby girls were born, just this week, on my little block! I am so psyched for P!


Rachel said...

That is funny! Tell her to get over it!!! Our mail lady in LA used to shove it in our little, tiny slot like so hardcore because she was too lazy to walk anything big up the stairs. She would leave packages above the mail slots right on the street where tons of people walk by. And she would deliver it like SUPER late. Our guy here is so cute and much better in the burbs! Or maybe it is the guys?

Brooke said...

Sorry, I can't sympathize with you very much on this one. Our mail lady is awesome. She love all of our pets and will stop to chat with me or the kids. Why is it that some people choose to be miserable and make everyone else around them miserable too?