Friday, October 26, 2007


A N tapas n E t T E
Thanks MarySue. I "flicked" around until I got this combination that I liked (it took about a minute, I am not that patient). The exercise made me think how I really like my name - thank you 'rents. I am named after my paternal grandmother and great-grandmother. The name is derived from the French, which I like and is probably the most likely reason I kept taking French, even through college. At some point it used to be the world-wide "business" language - probably in the 1800's, but I bought it - ooooh Benicio Del Toro - anywhoo. My name is quite unique - I knew 2 other girls in the 6 grades of high school with my name, and no one in elementary school, and no one I knew in college. My cousin even named her girl Annetta, so she must like me at least a little (because she's got to think of her crazy cousin Boo). Of course, my nickname is Boo. I don't know where I got that from, except babies really like 'Peek A Boo' and I must've especially liked it - or something. I like my nick name too.


Rachel said...

Cool letters. I like your name too.

I like my name except I knew a lot with Rachel. Rachel Si, Rachel Ste, and Rachel Sta...we were all in the same grade k-4 until I changed schools. Crazy, eh?

Boo is the best. My friend Amber asked me about it, like if we really called you Boo. Yes, we do! Love it! Go Boo Boo!

Leslie said...

i love your name, too. it was always on our girl name list. :)

Sue said...

I love your name. It's so pretty and yet friendly sounding. So many pretty names sound snotty.

MarySue said...

Glad you liked this; I like the shrubbery A best in your name. Very horticultural.