Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Myers-Briggs Test

Thanks Liz for the Myers-Briggs personality test link. Let's take it together shall we? I am a little afraid the result will simply be "Crazy".


Liz said...

Yeah right. Apparantely this is supposed to be like the king of all personality tests. My brother took it in law school and he told me about it. A friend of mine claims that your results will remain constant over time no matter your stage of life. Well I took it like 6 months ago and I was some sort of neurotic sounding type (true), and I took it again a few days ago and I was a totally different type - the "Performer Artisan" - Extroverted, Feeling, Sensing, Perceiving. I've always speculated that I have a dual personality, so it's fitting that I'd be neurotic the first time and fun loving the second time. Ha ha ha.

go boo boo said...

for the record I am esfj, guardian provider, and this describes me quite well