Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rainy Tuesday

Just showing P and her new spoon trick. She sat up on her own today, for a few seconds at least. We finally pulled in the hand me down (thank you Jackie) highchair a few days ago. She loves it. It puts her up high and she sits up really straight (excellent AK posture) and just looks out over her little kingdom of princes and servants. No teeth yet, but we are waiting for that since she has been waking up a lot during the night, which I allow only thinking "she'd better crack a tooth tomorrow". Oh well.

The next photo was taken on our way to hike on Saturday. We ended up stealing apples from an orchard instead. That is my home in the background (in our dreams!!!).

The next is our latest paint job. The color is 'Krypton' via Sherwin Williams. We also painted the entry ways 'Weathered Wood'. They are new and fresh and I love how the 'Krypton' shows off my awesome indoor plants. I love my plants. Mi Madre is the Queen of Indoor Plants, she taught me the ways. But I am having placement issues. Should I get some plant stands? Extra little tables, or just get some new pots (O picked out some awesome ones at C&T a few days ago, seriously he's good) and stick them on the floor?

Another question for AK: Who's got a non-vegetarian, manly, "Texas state fair winner recipe" Chili for a ward party on Saturday night.


Kristen said...

i LOVE your paint. it looks so "restoration hardwarish" i can't wait to see it on thurs. i do have a good chili recipe..i like it anyway. i can email you the recipe if you want to take a peek at it.

Rachel said...

I like the blue. I want to see the front entry too.

I have a good chili recipe that won me "Best Favor" in LA. And I just made some Turkey Black Bean chili WW style and it was yum. Let me know if you want to hook that up.

MarySue said...

Great photos. Can never get too many photos. The new paint job looks wonderful and P looks even better. What an absolute doll.

Sue said...

I LOVE that color. I might have to steal it.

Christie K said...

Very nice. Cute girl. And Rachel can I get those recipes?