Saturday, November 17, 2007

Great Week!

We had a very happy, sunny, great weathered week. We can't believe the awesome weather we have been enjoying. We keep expecting it to end with a big snowstorm, but we haven't had a snowstorm since early September. I think it's the calm before like days of blackout, horrendous blizzard, snowstorm weather, but that's just the paranoid Mormon in me.

During the last week (specifically since last Saturday at the Midway Manse) P is officially sitting up on her own. It is heaven because she just sits there, perfect AK posture, and will play with toys in her lap. I have been able to prop her and shower, do dishes, assist Kate in setting up her Christmas tree, and other fun tasks, while she sits and doesn't move. I love it. I will enjoy it while it is certainly short lived. She also continues to deftly use the sippy cup (she loves her watered down apple juice) and loves feeding herself 'puffs' or bits of bread. She loves playing patty cake and even is really trying to clap, but doesn't quite connect, but gets so happy recognizing it as well as peek a boo and mirrors. She has an awesome spazzy smile. And is still using the "suck and block" when she is ready for bed. She loves her bed, thus does not sleep well elsewhere (like the port-a-crib at Midway or AJ's bed).

O and I had some good old hang out days, shopping and hanging out and lunching like the good ol' days with my little buddy. He continues to write, including his letter to Santa penned with AK's help today. He is still always trying to keep up with his big brother - who is a great teacher and helper. He's kind of obsessed with money right now (his Grandma like to give it to him in $5 & $10 increments) which he doesn't understand and like to lose or give away to friends.

H started Tae Kwon Do this week and started wearing a moustache since Friday. His TKD outfit is darling and I love to see his "kicks" after class. We will be missing quite a lot next week, so he'll have a lot of catching up to do. In class, he received tickets for good behavior which can be turned in for prizes. On Friday, he came strutting out of class with a grey moustache. He has since mastered eating and drinking and totally hamming it up dead pan style. He is very excited to trick Grandma and Grandpa when we arrive in Phoenix. This morning he was reading to P when she woke up, which we loved to hear and she loved it too. He is so sweet to always be reading to O. AK is reading The Hobbit to the boys, which H is really retaining and re-telling very well.

I didn't have any meetings. We hosted the EQ Presidency and families for a dinner, which was fun and easy and made me want to have more dinner parties again. Today, we all went to the zoo this morning & AK went to the Utah football game with Josh and John and had a great time.


Trevlyn said...

Happy week! Can't wait to see you all!

Rachel said...

Great catch up and lots of fun! Isabel just started clapping, so P is ahead of the game. And please enjoy the seating still...the movement thing is crazy! Isabel is a climber and almost climbed and dove into the tub last night while Mia was taking a bath. Yikes!

Andy said...

P has good posture this week, but last week, sitting up was still a chore. Just ask Parker who let her fall over into a trash can last week...Thanks PJ.

Pat said...

EQ dinner was awesome. I tried another rendition of the polenta we had tonight...not as good.