Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween was awesome, I must report. Our house had been decorated for at least the whole month of October. We went to an awesome family-neighborhood Halloween rager (where if they gave out a prize for lamest excuse of a costume, I should have won it). We'd missed the school parade, which was held on Friday instead of Halloween, which was kind of weird. Owen had worn a different costume for every Halloween event. And he didn't even want to dress up for school on Wednesday. So it was starting out all anti-climactic bummer, and then I went out and about. First stop, Starbucks drive thru (yes, I am sooooo lazy, and yes I totally sometimes drive way out of the way for this too!) and our favorite 'Baristar' (is that for the male?) was totally dressed up as a pirate. Smile and giggle #1 of many to follow. Then P and I hit Wal-Mart, and there were crazy adults dressed up all over the place, not just 'wal-mart' dressed, but actual Halloween costumes. I had forgotten that adults dress up for work. Like at Pacific Life (my favoritist job ever) people were super wicked about Halloween. There was a huge contest and everything. And I freaking loved seeing all of the adults walk over to Fashion Island for lunch, I just loved it and thought it was so great. So that totally made my day, and that Wal-Mart was fun (I don't get out much and am very easily pleased when it comes to being able to buy Metamucil, cute bows, a humidifier, and orange juice in the same place - oh dear, I could have walked to Albertson's huh? Oh yeah, I really wanted Starbucks!). Then of course the trick-or-treating. For this I love living in Utah - We gave out 4 bags of candy, like 200 pieces people (sorry JoJo). Granted I gave out a candy body part and a chocolate candy, so 2 each, just so the love would be spread out amongst the gummy and chocolate lovers alike. And then we had to dig into the boys' awesome loot to give to additional trick-or-treaters! Dude, my kids scored. Andy took them around, and they had quite a gang going around with them. The kids were running from house to house and the 'rents could barely keep up. It was quite warm compared to every other year so the kids went as long and far as their little legs could take them (down 2 streets) or until their Spiderman buckets were full! Andy had a great time. I loved every bit. And not enough could be said of the kiddos' joy and excitement.

Today was another fall-time beauty. Andy came home for lunch so I could take a bike ride (my 2nd this week, yeah!). I went up Emigration. It was tremendous. Then O & P & I raked some leaves, threw the football around, and just laid around in the front yard. It was perfect!


Rachel said...

Awesome! I totally drive out of my way to go to drive thru Starbucks. And remember the drive thru Coffee Bean in LA? That was super far away?

Sounds like a really fun day.

I love Walmart too and wish we had one closer (or I had more $$).

I am so glad you are biking! Good for you!

Trevlyn said...

What an awesome day! Can't wait to share some fun ones with you and the gang!

JoJo &/or Bob said...

Sounds so fun. I love fall weather, too! I wish he had more of it (it's a weird year in the East, I'm told . . . but fall is finally happening now, and I love being able to wear a sweater).

So what was your lame costume, anyway? :)

MarySue said...

It all sound delightful but the leaf raking was my favorite part. Thanks for sharing such fun.

Christie K said...

Sounds like a great day!