Friday, November 02, 2007

Cinnamon Roll Bum

These adorable children are my niece and nephew in California. Seriously gorgeous! We have some seriously gorgeous and smart genes if I say so myself.


Tonight, I am sort of in blog heaven. I am in the 'bread maker kneading' process of these cinnamon rolls (which you must #1 make and #2 attempt to resist 'eating with wild abandon', which is futile) for my nephews baptism celebration in the morning. Oh and I love my awesome mother-in-law's play by play, don't you? Back to blog heaven. After a fun day volunteering for 'Mexican Cultural Celebration Day'/Day of the Dead Celebration at H's class (thank you Madre y Padre for the morning babysitting session - I truly would have been even more nuts without you), then lunch at Hire's, play at the park with the boys, "rest" at home, back to a different park with AK, mi Madre y Padre and more nephews, and the long board (very fun, I was even rocking it in my patent leather flats, helmet included of course), then back for Eggo's for dinner (for the kiddos with some PB for protein of course ;), I had the yummy remains of this soup), then seriously back to the park (we walk, it's down the street) for soccer practice, then home to baths. So I was looking forward to making the cinnamon rolls with AK (or really watching him make them), but it is now 8:11 and everyone but me is sound asleep. I was sad that Andy would be unavailable for Rummikub tonight, but then rubbed my hands together and realized I could blog and blog-stalk and blog and blog-stalk to my heart's content - no guilt, no eyes rolling, and I will even get all the credit for the cinnamon rolls! I think that was almost all one sentence! Take that English major people.


JoJo &/or Bob said...

You are definitely competing for queen title for run on sentences. But at least your sentences make sense (unlike Wallace Stegner's, in my opinion).

:) I'm a geek!!!

Rachel said...

That was awesome! Glad Mom can help you not go crazy you. Aren't they the best? LOVE YOU!

MarySue said...

I imagine you taking all the credit due for the cinnamon rolls. Congratulations. I'm looking forward to hearing about the baking session.