Monday, November 12, 2007

Me and My Babe

Where did you meet your husband?
We met at 18th Street on Pioneer Day, 1995. I lived down the street (on 71st) and was home for the summer. He was selling deadly poisons to kill ants and living in Aliso Viejo with some college buddies. We played a little volleyball, but I was super T.C. since all of these inlanders were at MY beach!

Where was your first date?
Salt Lake Brewing Company (all non-alcoholic brews for us! seriously!) & then a funny folk band at a now closed bar/showplace on West Temple and 3rd South (neither of us can remember the name!).

Where was your first kiss?
In front of my apartment at 9th South and 11 East (diagonally across from East High, for all of you High School Musical or East High fans). We get to drive by often and always say "That's where it all started!". In the parking lot behind the complex was where I really told AK what he meant to me via the Cranberries song "Dreams" (sooooo cheesy and 1996! but still our song!).

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
Short courtship - we officially dated from October until January engagement. We were married in June.

Where did you get engaged?
In back of the Bountiful Temple, after attending a very weird Sundance movie at the Tower 'SpaceTruckers' with Dennis Hopper. Tyler was in town.

Where did you get married?
The Bountiful Utah temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How did your reception go?
I had 3. Well, one reception and 2 "open houses". The Newport one was my favorite (seeing old friends, being home, family friends). All were fun for different reasons though. I loved the band for the Farmington reception, but it wasn't totally keen for the "Utah reception crowd".

How was your honeymoon?
Awesome. Lots of ...cribbage. Santa Barbara.


Rachel said...

That is so fun to read. I remember when you called me after the first kiss. "Get off!"

Brooke said...

I like that, what a good idea! I might have to copy that sometime!