Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

Thanks to Audra, via Mary Sue for the YouTube of this great Charlie Brown Christmas scene!
Merry Christmas Eve! I can't wait to visit Great Grandpa, Aunt Terry's rainbow jello and nativity, and of course, our Christmas Eve gift, I wonder what it is? PJ'S! Yeah! I almost opened them up last night I wanted them already. Seriously, I love my boys, but they deserve rocks, not even coal, which might have some use for them. Ho-hum, ba humbug! I am just grateful for the reason of the season. Love, Boo

P.S. We are really bored. AK & P are napping. H & O are playing guitar hero (thank you Dori for the only bribe that works to get the boys to do anything, brush teeth, go potty, eat) which is hilarious to watch. O even beats H sometimes even though O is still using his thumb for all of the notes. They have played Message in a Bottle at least 7 times until I made them change. And now we've had one of their favorite all-time songs (even before GH) I want to be a Fisherman. We love Primus.

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