Monday, January 07, 2008

Frozen Cheese Whiz

It's 5:30 pm and I am craving a Diet Coke. But I am telling myself, if I drink this DC I will be up at 3:00-5:30 am twiddling my thumbs, or doing some serious blog stalking (since I am all caught up in reader), or fake (hopefully) online shopping. Also, I just did a really dumb thing. You know the Cheese Whiz soup, well AK is out tonight being a darling brother to his little sister as she buys a car, and so I thought to de-freeze the last (I think! wow this soup made a lot) bit of it. It's quite a large chunk in the ziplock and I am talking on the phone and so I just put the whole thing, plastic bag and all in the pot on the stove. Until I smell burning plastic, yum! Have I ruined my pot? So excruciatingly peel off the plastic, stick it in a huge ceramic bowl (I am super paranoid about microwaving plastic bags, bowls, etc.) and defrost for like 20 minutes and it's still quite solid and chill.

What is the best way to freeze and then de-frost soup people? Seriously, I need help. I remember once a woman told me a method and it totally made sense, actually one of my 'ah-ha' moments that I have totally forgotten.

Also, I broke a plate yesterday. I swear all is good in my universe though, I just thought I'd mention it.


Leslie said...

i freeze soup in plastic bags, but i lay them flat to freeze, so that once they're frozen, they can stack up. if you have a lot to freeze, though, you end up using a lot of bags, unless they're gallon size.
to defrost it, i would put it in a sink or large bowl of hot water.
i dunno. :)

Christie K said...

You make me laugh. I also defrost mine in the sink in a bowl of hot water. I like the suggestion about freezing it flat.

Rachel said...

Cheese Whiz? Again!? Is AK not sleeping with you or will he be wearing a nose plug?

I would agree with the hot water in the sink.

Kate Pettit said...

you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

He was a great big brother coming to my rescue last night. Thanks for sharing him!!! ;)

Jill said...

A third vote for thawing it in hot water.
Last night I drank a Diet Coke at 10:00 pm. I don't know why.
Today I am very tired because I couldn't get to sleep until 3:00.

Remind me not to do that again.