Friday, January 25, 2008

Google Reader, Knicker-Bibs, & Steep and Cheap


Steep and Cheap is an awesome deal of the moment for outdoorsey stuff that both AK and I check at least 10 times a day. Although I begged to buy a pair of beautiful K2 skis complete with bindings for $200 a few days ago (brand spankin-new by the way, which were discounted from about $1200 and yes, I ski too!), we did get a Big Agnes Mummy bag and sleeping pad for $150 not too long ago (AK already has one, and I have never had my own bag). I didn't get a chance to see the knicker-bibs though. It's stuff from (another awesome gear store that in located in the SLC and we've got some connections to (cousins and Chip's lady). There is also a deal of the moment site Whiskey Militia, but I see AK took it out of the tool bar, because I think the sunglasses, watches, and gear are a little too edgy-cool for us. By the way, the knicker-bib shown above can be purchased at for $69.97 (30% savings!). Hurry, there are only XL's left - Mom I think you should get one for Dad to wear while riding his cruiser on the island - it's sooooo hip!

Who here is using Google Reader? And who is not? It is mandatory and the awesomest. Since I am way too lazy, Rachel, will you please do a tutorial (in all of your non-triathlon training time and two kid OC mom busyness)!

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Katie said...

just testing... my computer stinks... Don't ask- I will tell you manana!