Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alta is for Skiers

Thanks to AK's good connections I got to ride this, the banana skate board from Lib Tech yesterday (It was bright yellow and looked like a banana complete with the sticker - the kids loved it). It was awesome and there may be no going back (as AK begrudgingly realized when I schmoozed the board from Mike). It was good. I challenged myself to some steeps and got scared witless at one. I would like to begin a campaign to make Snowbird a snowboarding only resort. It used to be the snowboarders stopping in the middle of runs and sitting on their bums, but yesterday I got super antsy at lots and lots and lots of skier-people just hanging out in the middle of a gully or narrow run. Especially going alone, I don't want to sit on my bum in the cold snow and chit chat away (that is what the seats on the Plaza are for) I just want to GO! And so should you instead of gabbing away about your newest curse words and calling me "Dude" (I still want a sign that says something to the effect of "Give some respect Punk, I could be your mother!" although the "infractions" yesterday were more from 20-30 somethings. But there was darling para-palegic skiing I got chatting with on the Plaza (it was cool to find out where he goes and how he does it) and the 70+ Aussie dude rocking the slopes on vacation. I wanted to chat to the blind skier with the dog guide that really liked my kids (even though we correctly ignored it as we were supposed to!) but maybe next time. And nothing in the world beat seeing Owen ski for the first time, getting super teary every time I peeked in one him (and spying on him saying "That was fun" even as his teacher said something about him falling and he was still loving it. It was a dream come true. Also, even though I left and cruised through Snowbird Center with two bawling kids (one occasionally hitting and saying "You are the MEANEST!" and having a total meltdown and fit in front of the Valet park line (yes I valet parked and even admitted it to AK). I was secretly totally thrilled because the reason why is he actually didn't want to leave, he wanted to keep skiing! The other kid was really tired. I think they both just needed the Snickers bars I gave them for a sweet, peaceful, mellow, beautiful ride home in which we all were able to relish in the fine day. It was really spectacularly amazing. Packed powder, sunny and warm, and I even got to lunch with my dear friend Villi.

So here is my plea: Mark your calendar to come ski (I won't bite your head off, I just had to get it out there) or snowboard with me in 2 weeks (I am going to let AK handle the drama next week). OR you can be my sponsor and front me $740 to go to Snowboard Camp and I can meet some friends to go with. I am pretty sure I made a plea for this last year.


Trevlyn said...

What an awesome day! I'd love to see those guys doing their thing, but I'm thawing out in AZ!!! ;)

Megan said...

Seriously you want me to give you $740 to do what??? Come on... What about food storage dude (I can call you that...I'm older)?! Maren has me hook, line and sinker! I would love to go skiing again one day though... I need the hook-up to get me some fine lookin' ski pants.