Thursday, March 06, 2008

5 Things...

From Jennie K. O. (I added a few for posterity and because 15 years ago was pretty significant, class of '93)

5 things I was doing 20 years ago:

I was a Seaweed (8th grade) at CDMHS (7-12 grades)
As I look back, I was kind of a mean girl in 7-8 grade and I am going to blame it on a dear mean girl friend C.S.
2nd Year of playing club volleyball with OCVBC.
Playing club soccer as well.
Looking horrible in puberty and starting to love and obsess over Paul Iverson (poor guy!)

5 things I was doing 15 years ago:
Being a senior at CDMHS.
BFF with R.H.
Hanging out with CT and "going out" with HB babe B.K.
Getting excited to go to U of Arizona
Biking Crystal Cove, then running to El Morro, and getting Starbucks almost every morning, when Rob and I weren't at Ruby's or Balboa Bay Club for breakfast.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
Living in Newport as a recent college graduate with an awesome first "real" salaried and benefits job at Pacific Life with my hubby of 1.5 years AK.
Missing Rachel, who was soon to be in Spain on her mission.
Living the D.I.N.K. life and loving it! (Double Income No Kids)
Tooling around with the newlywed gang the Jacksons, the Kings, the Creers, the book club people, my PL co-workers, the Hancock-Orozcos, and many other favorite people.
Actually surfing with Andy, weekends at Old Mans, breakfasts at Ruby's, and all of the time getting 1/2 and 1/2's at Wahoo's.

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:
A week away from having Owen.
So grateful to have moved from Wyoming to ANYWHERE.
Just sold our Wyoming house in days and for a profit (a miracle!) and found our awesome home in Farmington, which we would move into on April 1st.
Loving my baby Holden, who was funny and gorgeous with a shock blonde head of hair and a great personality to match.
Getting the Erica monopoly (the 3 days and week and one weekend night babysitter) and paying her to get Holden to walk (at 18 months!)

5 things I was doing 3 years ago:

Hanging in Farmington with my babies H & O.
Tooling around in the ridiculously ostentatious MB wagon (although still my dream car)
AK working in Park City, traveling to Chile, Brazil, etc., loved him using his degree, but hate the hours and commute...thus the pending move to SLC.
Shopping, dressing the house, working out at the Henderson's darling gym, having quite a life

5 Things I was doing a year ago:
Having a great Pirate birthday party for Owen, while weeks away from popping with scheduled delivery of #3 P.
Holding breath for P's healthy and safe delivery and disgustingly nervous since she was the 8th of 8 sibling (including C. Knight) births that year.
Loving kindergartener H, his new reading and writing skills, and his incredible teacher Mrs. Pittam (oh we miss her so)
Being fat and happy (I know still am, gotta love it!)
Enjoying newly finished basement (right? was it done yet?) or realizing that living on one floor/1300 square feet isn't terrible and we couldn't lose anything if we tried!

5 snacks I enjoy:
vanilla yogurt with walnuts and chocolate chips
fruit (I just wish I had this more than the others!)
Scottish scones (not the fried kind, but the fatty shortening baked kind, like at Starbucks and Pain du Monde, yum!)

5 things I did yesterday:
Went swimming in the AM with Katie and Maren, then rode the bike trainer for 20 minutes
PTA Meeting
Went to coffee with a few ex-PTA Presidents to get the "Low-Down"
Tried to go to the park with O & P, but we got out to see the ducks and froze, so we went home to nap.
Went to Quarterly Enrichment and met some fun ladies, most of whom like the ice cream Burnt Almond Fudge.

5 jobs I've had:
Bakery Server (The Sweet Life)
Hostess with the Mostest at SPAG
Analytics Coordinator - Remittance, Real Estate Invesments for PL (literally shuttling (wiring) millions of dollars around daily, pretty cool)
Sales Analyst Manager for Software Company (way too much money for a lot of golf and some reports thrown in, oh, and an awesome trip to NYC for "work")

5 things I would do with a Million Bucks:
pay off our house
save a couple hundred thousand for retirement
save a couple hundred thousand for the kids
rent a house in Spain, France, Italy, Australia, NZ beaches every summer (different place every summer, every year)
send the kids to Rowmark Academy (where they would ski/board everyday) and then they would be surfing all summer, and of course, Andy and I too!

5 TV shows I like:
PBS travel, documentary, war, music shows (due to the strike and no cable, which may also be due to the strike, I think it ruined T.V. written shows for me, I learned to live without them I guess)
American Idol (although I keep missing it!)
The Today Show
I can't think of anything else...

5 things I hate doing:
cleaning the toilet and bathroom
cleaning anything (and it shows)
nagging the husband and kids
seeing my kids grow up too quickly
nagging the husband and kids

5 biggest joys of the moment:
being a mommy
being married to a hottie, who is also an amazing father
serving where I am called to be, and knowing it is right (aka having a testimony of something so good and true and meaningful)
health and a husband willing to work and provide for his family
getting to stay home and be with my kids all day, hearing their stories, playing with them, napping/snuggling with them, and watching them learn and grow (although somewhat painful at the same time)


liz said...

Wow, that was fun to read. See, this is a good reason to have a blog - I should go do the 10, 5, 1 year ago thing in my journal. Fun to think about.

Christie K said...

Love getting to know you better!!

Rachel said...

I love you and miss you. Can't wait to see you!

petit elefant said...

I just found your blog and thought I'd share mine:
Be well,

susanstayner said...

Loved rememebering the past with your comments. You're awesome, and I miss you.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog ( I'm glad you enjoy it. I liked the skiing photos, but how could you in good conscience root against BYU? Come on! It's my alma mater!


Lauri said...

Annette, you are such a fun gal!