Sunday, March 09, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

Holden, Jane, Makayla, and Giana, and Tim

Taylor, Omeade, Chelsea, Owen, and Chase

Like my new coat?

Adventure Team

H's Team
They did some blue runs with moguls today. His teacher Tim said he was glad to have H in the class with him to keep him "sane" with 3 girls. He can parallel ski and like to tuck and go fast.

O's Team
More of O's Team
O mastered the greens. He really liked his teacher Chelsea (his hair had to be combed perfect, even though he would be wearing a helmet, which AK reminded him of when I wasn't combing it right). He likes going through trees and jumps.

All of you Spring Fever people are going to gag, but we had the best ski/board yesterday. We got to the 'bird and corny snow was falling, but no wind, just evenly and moderately heavily falling. Then it turned into perfect, beautiful, cut-out snowflakes. I am sure a few people thought I was on a hallucinogen because I kept pointing them out on my pant-legs or gloves (hey, it gets very lonely up there!). On a break between snowboarding alone and picking up the boys and doing 5 or 6 chickadee runs with them (baby Thunder was closed by now), I even lied down on a bench outside and let those beautiful, perfect snowflakes fall on my face. It felt wonderful, and I knew it would make the Spring Fever people gag themselves with a spoon.

  1. Fun stuff to do with family. This week we went swimming (H even did laps with me one day!), skiing, to a junior high school Cinderella play, bike ride (not altogether, but each of us at different times), walks, and just plain hanging out.
  2. Temple trips. AK & I did a session on Wednesday night (surprisingly packed!). I am always grateful to feel the peace of going and I do love that we get to go to the SL Temple which is so ornate, beautiful, and stunning.
  3. We can pick stuff up at the warehouse for Steep and Cheap and Whiskey Militia and Backcountry (I believe they are all under the umbrella) and save on shipping. Even when AK lovingly bought me yet another heart rate monitor, and returned it on the spot (I am stoked with the one I have!).
  4. AK and team F3 won their regional basketball game yesterday. JB even refereed again (no favorites were played). And no fights/brawls/blood/kicks in the face, which is great because team F3 has seen/experienced/and yes, thrown it all.


Rachel said...

I won't gag cause I am totally jealous! Your coat is sweet and I want the free shipping/pick up for Back Country et al!! And I have no $$ for the new heart rate monitor, but remember which one is best for later.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

susanstayner said...

Great coat and totally fun pictures and blog. Lucky boys to have you boarding with them.

Lacyface said...

I am surprised that you didn't have Miss P. strapped on your back! Nice Pics! You have a whole fam of future Olympic champs. Oh, and I love steep and cheap, I too have an affinity for heart rate monitors and am always upgrading. Sounds like you have more self control than I do.

MarySue said...

What fun in the snow. Hope the guys are too disappointed when they arrive this week and we are in the upper 70's!!!! I'll take really good care of them for you.