Monday, March 10, 2008

Must Read!!!

My sister Megan posted about this site, and I must reiterate here, it is a Must Read! I am even going to call you out and say that Caitlin, someone else who is newly pregnant and I'm not about to out, someone else I can think of who is P.G. but never reads this anyway, and everyone to read his 'The Baby Naming Manifesto: Version 1.0'. He is really funny, and if you've ever read Twilight, or heard about it (my review is that it is Sweet Valley Highish, which I read in 4th grade but entertaining enough, and I like Jacob best for the record), you must read his Twilight take (The Twilight Series for Dummies, And Totally Desperate Mormon Guys. read first and then the Edward one, which is more recent). Have fun.


Mr. D said...


I am laughing out loud. I am happy to say I don't think any of the names we are cconsdiering break the rules, but gosh it does make you wonder about how some people decide on their children's names. Thanks for the tip!

Mr. D said...

didn't realize I was logged in as Dan,s o that comment is actually from Caitlin

Pat said...