Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet Tweets Update

As we were perusing the shop that is carrying Tia Trevlyn's homemade wares, Andy and I got quite a kick out of these. They are TwistedTwee tees.
C'mon, it's quite twisted, which is quite funny.

Who wouldn't want Shakespeare on their baby's bumbie?

The 'Angry Nanny' tee

This is my way of saying "Congratulations on your success in the London shop! You rock Trev." Love, Boo

P.S. Besides the Sweet Tweets etsy shop, one can now find her wares at under the 'designer showcase' link, for those of you that like to shop with euros or pounds (I have a feeling you don't write out pounds for that silly symbol I don't know where to find on my very American computer).

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Trevlyn said...

Thanks for the shout out! Just to clarify...those aren't my shirts! I'm the cute little bunnies and dolls (that aren't getting hit by raging old women) in the Designer Showcase section! :)