Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Diego Rivera

Vendedoras de flores
We have a framed print of this, which like all of our other framed things, still has not been hung on any wall in the house we have owned and lived in for almost 3 years.

Diego Rivera, Self Portrait, 1907

Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park, detail of mural, 1948.

I like Diego Rivera. Not for his Frida drama or his communist ideals, but I like the forms and colors of his paintings, and always have. I have also always been fascinated by Mexico's Day of the Dead art and celebration and idea. I think it is fantastic.


Trevlyn said...

I'm with ya! I love his colors! I went to a Day of the Dead celebration in downtown Phoenix once and it was cool! Not morbid like I thought it may be but richly cultural and quite ALIVE!

Trevlyn said...

Dori's good with a hammer! Put her to work!