Sunday, April 20, 2008

Uh oh, talking Politics...sort of

This was forwarded to the family from my great cousin Joey G. Although I tend to be much less conservative than AK read: this is harsh and my dem friends please don't be offended, I thought this was the funniest thing I have had read to me (Megan first read it to me over the phone) in a long time. And I was an economics major, so I find the economics of it all very interesting...and possibly a plug for the flat tax as well people.

This is a great explanation of the tax rebate program recently enacted by
> Congress. If you don't understand how it will work maybe this explanation
> will help:
> 50,000 people went to a baseball game, but the game was rained out. A
> refund was then due to the ticket holders.
> The team was about to mail refunds when a group of Congressional Democrats
> stopped them and suggested that they send out the ticket refunds based on
> the > Democrat National Committee's interpretation of fairness.
> Originally the refunds were to be paid based on the price each person had
> paid for the tickets. Unfortunately that meant most of the refund money
> would be going to the ticket holders that had purchased the most expensive
> tickets.
> This, according to the DNC, is considered totally unfair. A decision was
> then made to pay out the refunds in this manner:
> People in the $10 seats will get back $15. After all, they have less money
> to spend on tickets to begin with. Call it an 'Earned Income Ticket Credit.'
> Persons 'earn' it by having few skills, poor work habits, and low ambition,
> thus keeping them at entry-level wages.
> People in the $25 seats will get back $25, because it 'seems fair.'
> People in the $50 seats will get back $1, because they already make a lot of
> money and don't need a refund. After all, if they can afford a $50 ticket,
> they must not be paying enough taxes.
> People in the $75 luxury box seats will each have to pay an additional $25
> because it's the 'right thing to do'.
> People walking past the stadium that couldn't afford to buy a ticket for the
> game each will get a $10 refund, even though they didn't pay anything for
> the tickets. They need the most help. They are either lazy or think that
> society owes them for just being born.
> Now do you understand?
> If not, contact Representative Nancy Pelosi or Senators Hillary Clinton or
> Barak Obama for assistance.


Leslie said...

seriously. neal and i were discussing this during the dem. debate the other night. when barack was talking about how much money the hedge fund guys are making, we were like, "Good for them! They chose an awesome career and have probably worked really hard!" except barack was more like, "that is so unfair! they can't have all that money! i need some!!"

amen, sista. awesome post.

MarySue said...

I really liked this and it seems to be just what the Dems always want to do. Yeah for success. Yeah for business success that ends up employing more of us. Why don't we hear complaints about big Hollywood or pro sports huge incomes as being bad but beating up on business. Kicking the soapbox out from under my feet now. Thanks and loves.