Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I love Books!

Yet another confession, and yet another excuse why I don't clean my own home (the greatest $ ever spent in my life, ask Dori, ask AK even!, ask the kids who love keeping their beds and bookcase as neat and tidy as M puts it!)...and why I love "naps"...I love to read. I am usually reading a few books at a time, but it's the fun, fiction books like Sophie Kinsella's latest Remember Me? and Hester Brown's The Little Lady Agency and the Prince that I devour in a day or two and spend hours of "nap" time reading. I always have a non-fiction book on hand...for instance I keep in my car The World is Flat for the school pick ups or other car waiting times, and it's been in there for over a year. And of course I am constantly reading and re-reading the Good Books, aka the Quad, you know. My point...get on goodreads.com please and add gobooboo as your friend so I can continue to get ideas and further keep in touch, I love it!


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The Ringleader said...

I too love to sink my teeth into a good book. I love reading only I become consumed by it. When the book ends, I feel like I have been kicked out of this world I had been living in for the past 400 pages. I am excited for book club!