Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 2008 Pictures

Cool Chicks

AK's New Look

O & C on the Zoo's Rhino

Dressing up for soccer

Dad's out of town (Orlando) so we went to breakfast Saturday morning. Last weekend.

Kids in the tub. I know they are probably too old for this, but it was all I could handle with AK out of town to get them cleaned a few times a week.

Friday morning Red Butte trip. We had so much fun, we went back Saturday morning too and did the Halfway Mountain Trail hike.

EQ party a few weeks ago.

The illustrious EQ Presidency.

O and the 15th picture of he and the creatures at the zoo.
Grateful Sunday
  1. Grateful for our awesome new Bishop and his Counselors.
  2. Grateful AK doesn't travel very much, and that he agreed for me to tag along to his trip this week to Denver and that my darling parents agreed to watch the kiddos.


Jody said...

Loved the pictures. You two cool chicks in your sexy sunglasses! Looks like a fun week and even more fun alone with Andy on your trip this week. Enjoy and be safe. Hugs

Christie K said...

Too cute!! Love seeing all the pictures of you and your beautiful family!!

Rachel said...

Fun pictures!

Liz said...

Cute pics. Were your boys wearing soccer shirts at breakfast last Saturday even though soccer's over? Sweet. And do you really make your kids bathe in like one inch of bath water? =)

Trevlyn said...

Adorable pictures. Can't believe how tall P is getting! You're coming out of hibernation to do all that fun stuff and we're closing up for the summer! hee hee!

Lauri said...

Great pics. You are such a fun mom!

Brooke said...

Love the bathtub picture. You will have to show their girlfriends when they're older.

Kristen said...

fun pictures. p is getting so big. love the ponytail. you are a busy gal who does a lot of fun things with her kids. good job!

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