Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FatherParentsAnniversaryOurAnniversary Update

We had a great Daddy's day. I had the honor, sweat, and privilege of speaking in church on Sunday with my Dad, AK, and uncle Ryan in the audience, 3 incredible fathers. We had a fun bbq and great dessert at the C's beautiful backyard afterwards. Cici and Ryan and the beautiful girls are in town. I fear the time is going way too fast though. I wish they would stay forever. My parents' anniversary was yesterday. They are an incredible couple that still love each other totally and can't stand to be away from each other. It's very annoying, I mean sweet. Our 11th anniversary is tomorrow. AK keeps coming up with these plans, probably for the first time in our marriage, so I am all thrown off, but I love it! He started off by recording my favorite movie Out of Africa for me and I am watching it again now. Robert Redford is probably my all-time favorite actor and Meryl is simply gorgeous. The boys love it too, and I think they are falling in love with the Baroness and all her toughness and courage. I have had an interesting time "explaining" the marriage arrangement and then I made up that they "divorced" because they catch on quick (even with a Mommy edited version).


Sidney said...
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Sidney said...

Yea for Andy and his planning!!!

Brooke said...

I've never seen Out of Africa. I guess I should! Happy anniversary! How great is it that your parents are still totally in love!