Sunday, June 22, 2008

SLC Top Picks

Inspired by darling newlyweds Kate & Derek is a list of SLC favorites. Although I am not a native, I have lived here for a total of almost 10 years of my life (non-consecutive). Anyhoo, here is my top 10 SLC eats.

10. The River Horse - Haven't been there in years, since University days, but top 5 of all time for me.
9. L'Avenue, which I hear is having a come back. I love it to practice my french and because AK loves the pomme frites and burger with fromage (which he likes to pronouce fro-ma-jee).
8. The Pie Pizzeria - Spinach and Tomato, be prepared to choke on the cheese
7. The Tree Room - Last time we were there, we had a large crowd and were basically told to shut it, but I still love it, good times there from university days until now.
6. Gabor Brothers - up in the D.C. We still go up there for it! Love it! Great "hole in the wall" place.
5. Citrus Grill - Favorite go-to place
4. The Dodo - always been a ladies' dinner, lunch, book group kind of thing, I don't think AK and I have ever been there together. I miss the palate cleanser sorbet though.
3. Bombay House - Went there most pregnant with O, it was at least weekly, maybe twice. It is always worth the wait.
2. Kyoto - of all the sushi in SLC, and we've been to them all, my favorite
1. The Red Iguana - Suiza Enchilada and I switch up the mole


Sidney said...

I LOVE the DoDo and I am so glad they finally brought back a restaurant into this neck of the woods. Maybe we should do a lunch sometime!!!

Jennie-O said...

I haven't tried most of those. Thanks for the good eats list!!
p.s. Sorry I couldn't make it last night :( I was thinking of you though.

liz said...

I'm realizing how easily we get stuck in a food rut - hello, I've lived here forever and haven't eaten at most of these. How sad is that?

derrek & adrienne tyler said...

i know you said you've been to all the sushi places... but have you been to ginza? it is my fav sushi restaurant!

Lacyface said...

Nice list!

MarySue said...

I've only eaten at the Bombay House and loved it. It inspired me to try cooking some Indian food once I got back home.

Trevlyn said...

I think you guys took us to Bombay House and it rocked!

Tara said...

I need to know where the pizza place is so that I can go there when we are up there next week. Spinach and tomato, yum!