Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

1. I am grateful that the Phelps survived Rachel's first mountain biking excursion and her 9:45 pm descent of Bobsled. And Ryan too, not his first mountain biking excursion, but he's got the battle scars to prove his survival. I am actually most glad that they are still talking to me. Actually they had me laughing so hard after our ride, both from recreating the action, and from relief that seriously, they were still talking to me.
2. For creative kids that need little to entertain but a Bear Lake beach, a snake, lots of weeds to play in, a camp fire, a hand as a puppet, and lots of imagination to keep the giggles rolling and the "play" going.
3. Lots of memories from the little Bear Lake cabin that my grand dad built. I've been there since I was born, and so have all of my kiddos (H at 6 weeks!). We love it. We miss the water coming up to the cabin (my plea to the universe for it to return!). Oh and for oreos, hot dogs, potato chips, s'mores, and basically nothing of redeeming or nutritional value all weekend!

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MarySue said...

I finished blogging about a dream, lake house just before reading this fun post. I can tell you will enjoy my dream if it ever comes to pass. 3