Saturday, June 21, 2008

Week with the Phelps

We started off the week with the Phelps at the Venture Outdoor Festival at Canyon Rim park, specifically to see Ryan's musical idol Peter Breinholt. Ryan compared meeting and seeing Peter to the superstardom of Phish (for him). We ended up seeing him in a small tent with about 25 other poeple, it was awesome. It was really supposed to be for the kids, and we brought ours, but I think we were a little more excited. Actually the boys were acting all cool at the show, but later admitted how much they dug it and want to see him again. H has already memorized a few songs, and P loves to clap and oooh ooooh along. O wants to see him play again the most. We spent the afternoon at the park, gathered some handouts, and H did a kids' run, which was really cute.

Monday we hung at in the D.C. and then that night Maama, Aunt Shauna, Ryan, Rachel, and I went to see Peter B. again in Layton. We boogied and made idiots of ourselves, and Peter even gave a shout out to our gang, since we talked to him Saturday about having tickets for his Monday show. Rachel and I moshed in the pit with the toddlers who were actually invited to dance there, we couldn't resist.

We had a swim party at the Creers on Tuesday.

I can't remember what we did on Wednesday, but I am sure it was fun.

Thursday we hit Lagoon. It was well worth it to be with the family (the Bunches, mi Madre, Creers, and the Phelps). The babies loved the little rides (which we rode as children too!) and the kids had a blast and were well worn out.

Friday morning I drove up to the D.C. to do an early morning last road bike ride with Rachel. Then we headed back for sourdough pancake breakfast and the boys' last swim stroke lessons. I was so sad to see the Phelps go. I tried to make them stay as hard as I could. I miss them already.

The last picture is of the sidewalk/street mess on our street and the boys with their hot cocoa cups watching the work. They later would imprint their names in the concrete, which they told me immediately about. The neighbor, who has paid half of the $4,000 for the work to fix their previous terror mess of a sidewalk was none too happy and came by to lecture the boys herself.

The first picture is of Tia D and the boys and one of the bugs (lobsters) we ate last night. I believe we had 6 live lobsters that Tia L brought back from Tyler and Boston.


Rachel said...

Hello!? Wednesday was the mountain biking, which might be it's own post...

We miss you TONS already too. Thanks for all the fun!!

Andy said...

Alas, I told them the stories of writing names in fault.

shel7by said...

i loved peter b. in college. that's funny. thanks for the link to my blog. i feel famous. I enjoy yours and AK's blogs. you're good folk.