Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dude, He's 6!

Check out that smile!

Getting up. When he was done, Uncle JB just reeled him in, he didn't even get his hair wet.

I'm sure your kids are cool too, but seriously, is this at least one of the cutest things you have ever seen. Thanks to Uncle JB and JP for the Dad and kid boat outing. O got wicked on the tube and Dad ripped it up on the wakey. Shout out to the River Rats RP2. Although these kids are more like Reservoir Dogs (they were at East Canyon Lake, so I guess not a reservoir, but usually here it's a reservoir right?).


Rachel said...

H is the bomb! Seriously, I love that JB just reeled him in without getting his hair wet. That is awesome! You aren't River Rats...and it is totally Ryan that is all snobbish about it, FYI

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that your kids are just too dang photogenic for their own good!!! You should go to my friend's blog....she needs kid models to build her portfolio!!!

Trevlyn said...

That is so great! Tell that guy how impressed his Aunt T is! This photo makes a great background on my computer!

MarySue said...

What great photos of a great event. Congrats H!!!! Grammy can't do that.