Friday, July 11, 2008

Good End of Week Ride Date

Thanks to the awesome 'rents, who watched the totally excited kiddos who couldn't wait for Maama and Baampa to arrive, AK & I made a late afternoon bike ride at the Canyons. We weren't so sure about taking the "easy" way out and taking the gondola "to the top", but we did it anyway, and it was way tougher and challenging that either of us thought. I ate it probably 3 times and came out with some severe and creepy eye allergies (which has been occurring, oh all summer, but finally noticed this creepy bulging eye effect and flagged down the neighborhood Ophthalmologist (yeah, Dr. Bob) who promised some steroids and gave a name to the creepy, eye ball bulging, scratchy effect, and reassured me I wasn't going to go blind). It wasn't a huge workout, we would have liked to do the run at least one more time, but the lift closed at 6, but it was good enough and I won't be terribly worn out for Emigration to Big Mountain in the morning and hopefully a run in the afternoon. I am a little worried about the 1/2 marathon coming up...we'll see.

We did Holly's Trail tonight. Way too many huge tree roots on the trail, lots of loose, large rocks, and a few gnarly rain/run off divots, but can't wait for the challenge again. Okay, I was checking for a link and saw that on the map, this was a black diamond bike trail, for real Chip? Now I think I feel a bit better about my skills. The most beautiful thing, besides all the foliage, water, and wildflowers, was we didn't see anyone else on the trail, up, down, anywhere around. That is awesome. Except next week I really want to do Spiro to Mid-Mountain and through the Canyons.

To end the lovely date, which by the way started with some Boo inflicted AK grumpies, but ended up with AK literally sprinting off his bike and up a short hill to make sure I was okay on one of my yelping falls (the worst one, it drew a little blood, awesome!) and forgiveness, and a great shared chicken and steak (mixed!) burrito from Barbacoa and a lovely post ride-"our kids are awesome and we are radical"-chat. He loves me and I truly love him. We rock!


liz said...

I am just laughing at the totally Annette way that this post ended. Oh, and I like your eye allergies when they cause you to blink uncontrollably at me across the dinner table.

MarySue said...

Actually, I'm out of breath just reading this. Does that qualify for my workout today?