Monday, July 28, 2008

Fat Cyclists' Tag

I saw this too late to avoid the leprosy curse, but still wanted to play along. The idea is to answer these questions about riding in your blog and tag 3 other bike riders you know. I am not a fan of chain letters or even some tagging, but I do love to talk bike.

If you could have any one — and only one — bike in the world, what would it be?

An Orbea Diva. They are pretty.

Do you already have that coveted dream bike? If so, is it everything you hoped it would be? If not, are you working toward getting it? If you’re not working toward getting it, why not?

I've got plans.

If you had to choose one — and only one — bike route to do every day for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Lighthouse Lane through Goldenrod Foot Bridge through Ocean Blvd. to PCH through Crystal Cove (give a shout out to my house in Pelican Point, in all of my dreams) through Laguna, stop at Wahoo's or The Stand and come back. Oh yeah, I did that route, every day my senior summer. I would love to do it again, like every day for the rest of my life.

What kind of sick person would force another person to ride one and only one bike ride to to do for the rest of her / his life?
Yeah, totally. That’s evil on a movie villain scale. (From the fat cyclist dude)

Do you ride both road and mountain bikes? If both, which do you prefer and why? If only one or the other, why are you so narrow minded?
I ride both, because I am a well-balanced and intelligent person, who sees the good in most things. I prefer mountain bikes, though I have definitely hurt myself much more often riding MTB than road. I am suddenly concerned about what this says about me. Still, I like riding MTB better because it’s more fun for me. I am at a loss as to why this is true, but it is. I didn't write this, but Ditto. Although I ride road 3 days a week and MTB only 1, it's a convenience/ride partner/time thing. Riding road is like walking with a buddy, with Susan and occasionally Kate, we can talk the whole time and it's very therapeutic. Mountain is more fun, but not too much chit chat going on (single track).

Have you ever ridden a recumbent? If so, why? If not, describe the circumstances under which you would ride a recumbent.

Have you ever raced a triathlon? If so, have you also ever tried strangling yourself with dental floss?
I have raced one triathlon. I loved it. I have one coming up in September and I can't wait.

Suppose you were forced to either give up ice cream or bicycles for the rest of your life. Which would you give up, and why?
Ice cream. I'd still have chocolate right?

What is a question you think this questionnaire should have asked, but has not? Also, answer it.
What bike(s) are you riding now and why.

2004 Trek WSD 1200 (the cheapest road bike I could find at a local shop)

2008 KHS XC 204 (Thanks to Norda's, thanks Chip & Tom)

'94 Marin Bear Valley (love it, rode Dog Lake with it last year (no-suspension whatsoever), it is now semi-permanently attached to the Burley trailer, rust and all).

You’re riding your bike in the wilderness (if you’re a roadie, you’re on a road, but otherwise the surroundings are quite wilderness-like) and you see a bear. The bear sees you. What do you do?
I have no idea, pedal really really fast. I am going to Yellowstone this week, and I am bringing my bike, so I am actually honestly pondering this question and may need a seriously reliable answer.

Now, tag three biking bloggers. List them below.

I tag Andy, Pat & Chelsea, Christie K., Rachel, & Kate


Rachel said...

You rule.

Christie K said...

I wouldn't even begin to know how to answer these questions. My little beach bike and I only know the simple streets of Danville, PA.

Brooke said...

I love it!! What a good post. I am currently trying to decide what my dream bike is. I'm thinking a nice Cervelo, Look, BMC or Trek. Actually, I just drool over a full carbon bike with some top of the line components. Sorry, to those who don't ride, that was very boring. I love to ride, its freedom! I definitely want to swim. Are you still doing Ogden? Thanks for the congrats. It was such a fun race! I loved the current!