Sunday, July 27, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

It's been's been a rough July...but I still need to be grateful for many things, and I am...including these pains in the bum (not including mi Madre, as a pain in my bum, but for whom I am always grateful).

Je suis grateful for friends and sisters ready to play and giggle and listen and let me sit and watch them bake bread and other good stuff.

I am grateful we live in such a beautiful place, against a great mountain, ready to be explored.

I am grateful that we get to go to Yellowstone this weekend. We've been wanting to take the kids there for years, and we are finally doing it. I hope the Edgley's are ready for us amateurs. And I hope we don't see bears (I am kind of freaked out about it).

I am grateful for talented, ambitious people to look up to and admire and sometimes try to emulate. I love people who evolve and improve themselves, as I hope I do too.

I am grateful AK got some fishing in yesterday.


Rachel said...

You're awesome and I love you!

liz said...

Sorry so rough. We need to hang out.

Trevlyn said...

Gorgeous pictures! Were those taken in Yellowstone? What fun! I thought it was just AZ kids who were hibernating indoors all summer that were pains in the tush!

MarySue said...

I'm grateful for current pictures of these darling grands. It's really too hard being so far away. Loves to all...I'm off to listen to Rush...just kidding.