Sunday, July 06, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

"Whash Me". H must have "corrected" his work, since he crossed out the first H by the time I got a picture.

Three silly kids, Tuesday night, July 1, 2008.
  1. Having gone to bed at 8ish last night and sleeping through the night!
  2. 800 mg ibuprofen for my back.
  3. H etching in the dirt of my back window "Whash Me!" and me not wanting to wash it off.
  4. Riding Emigration Canyon all the way to the top, talking all the way and loving it, and then speeding down (facing some downhill speed fears, but I had to keep up with Susan). An hour up, about 15 to get down, gotta love that.
  5. Bikram Yoga. Although it was the stinkiest of all the Bikram's I've experienced (Costa Mesa, Tulsa, Ogden, & SLC), it was hard and sweaty but lovely all the same.
  6. P and her goofy laugh and getting close to walking everyday. She stood up with Bailey this week for the first time I'd seen.
  7. O and his "cowboy" hat, and pointing out all other cowboy hats we see now, and all things Indiauna. Tia Dori I finally heard it yesterday. Definitely Indiauna.
  8. Getting to teach about the Holy Ghost and be able to reflect on my own experiences of the voice, the feeling, the guidance to a helpful scripture, prayer, meditations on life, and the peace and love felt of my Heavenly Father through this precious gift.
  9. I got to be present when Adrienne T. bore or beared or bern her testimony for the first time ever! She is the woman.


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE how he says it!! I made him say it over and over and over again before I'd buy him that Lego set.

I miss you guys!!!

Sidney said...

I would have enjoyed hearing your lesson!!! Hope all is well. I'm really trying not to email while on vacation, but leaving a comment is okay, right???

derrek & adrienne tyler said...

ahhhh i love it! you are so the greatest! bravo to you on another awesome lesson. and p.s. so what is it? bore, bear, beared? the other word that always get me is drink, drank, drunk... which one is it?! haha. thanks again for being absolutely fabulous!

liz said...

I'm so sad I missed your lesson - I'm sure it was fabulous. I'm also sorry to have missed Adrienne "bern" her testimony. Cute.

Brooke said...

Don't you just love Sundays?! I love the cowboy hat. I love Emigration, its definately one of my favorite rides. My friend saw a moose up there last week! Wow, I just wrote love a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wait, did you use the new "favorite quote" in your lesson? ;)

Sher Bear said...

I have to tell you that Russ and I actually took Bikram Yoga for a couple of months. I am sure as you imagine it, it will give you a good laugh. It was the best for the joints and all, but Russ always had a serious puddle on his matt and I was about to pass out after every 90 minute session.