Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Kid Wreck

AK successfully loaded up the bikes and trailer in the Impala (Company Car=Free Gas & Maintenance=Driving it as much as possible, even over the convenience of being able to fit ourselves and more in the Odyssey. Don't get me wrong, I am super duper grateful.). As you can see we didn't quite fit in Owen's bike, but although he is a giant, he will still ride in the trailer. We are at our favorite trail head spot for the Park City trail (the beautiful Catholic church). We headed off swell. H even made it almost all the way up the big hill and we were so close, headed down to the old white barn and we were going to take the trail under the road to try the other side. H & I were cruising down the hill to the barn, I signal to stop, to wait for the trailer and AK, and I hear this horrendous body and bike on pavement noise from behind me and a blood curdling scream. I stop, attempt to get out of the clips, but end up falling over, and run to H, who is up and checking out his wounds in the same blood curdling scream. I was sure he broke an arm or something. He showed me his side first, which was scraped and already bruising. And a pair of walkers we had just passed were coming back to help. I was looking for AK to crest the hill, and he did and I felt saved. Poor H, he had a quarter size blood hole on his elbow, and a dime size on his knee. He said he reached down to scratch an itch. We had to head back, and H refused to get on his bike, which we understood, but were still trying to get him to coast down the hill. Then AK brilliantly mentioned Cold Stone and you've never seen a more wrecked biker get back so quickly on the bike.
The trailer kids. O has a "new" cowboy/Indiana Jones hat. I fashioned it for him and he has only taken it off to go swimming.
Still not very happy.

Nothing Cold Stone won't fix. More specifically Cotton Candy mixed with gummy bears (H) and sprinkles (O), and Strawberry for P.

The siblings doing their best the cheer up H. Yeah for H giggles.

P.S. I guess the trail we hit is the Spiro Trail. Something like that. AK & I are going to do the Mid-Mountain on Saturday afternoon (PC to the Canyons), if you would like to join us.


Rachel said...

Just tell him about Uncle Ryan and what a wimp Aunt CiCi was. I am sure he is better/braver than me:)

We'd love to do another ride...but we live far away. Poop.

Kristen said...

i meant to comment on your "workout song" post but overlooked it. so here is my FAVORITE workout song and I can't believe no one mentioned it!!! are you ready?....COME SAIL AWAY!
You won't believe me until you try it but it is the perfect song because it just keeps getting more intense and by the last part of the song you feel like you are unstoppable. well at least that's how it makes me feel when i am trying to eat a box of donuts! JK it really is the best workout song out me!!!

Pat said...

Ride on Saturday sounds like fun. What time are you planning on going? It looks like we won't be able to get Chels a bike until next week but I would still like to go.

JoJo said...

Amen to the all-pervailing-power of Coldstone.

Hmm. That sounds good.

Darn horomones! (Love blaming them...)

PS- I thought of another great workout song, as inspired by Kristen's "Come Sail Away" which I love... "In Your Eyes." That one always gets me going. And "Brown Eyed Girl." Hmm...

Trevlyn said...

What a trooper that H is! Yea Cold Stone!

Michelle said...

Hey girl-- I owe you some photos! I'm going out of town but I'll call you when I get back! xoxo, m

MarySue said...

Yeah to that brave H. I'm so proud of you. I hope the hurts are better very soon. What kind of ice cream did you get?

Brooke said...

Ouch! Wipeouts stink! Ice cream makes everything better, don't you think? Happy 33rd, we're the same age! You look hot in your pre-ride picture!!!