Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Totally Geeking Out

I have voted for Mark 4 times, and I haven't watched the rest of the show yet...Wow! If you don't live in my house, you don't know that I watch Mark and Chelsie's 'Bleeding Heart' number 4 times a week (although I no longer get choked up). I think Twitch and Joshua are also fantastic. As my dancing cousin BBS pointed out weeks ago, I don't think Cat has said "Jidges" all season. And I love Tastee Oreos routines and that new punk rock chick looks how I wanted to look like from about 2nd/3rd grade on (one of my friends' Suzanne J. was a Sex Pistols fan, so I thought I was too, and I wanted to be so punk!). I never got the mohawk, oh yeah, but I do have green hair right now (I put on a light brown color over my previous "blonde"), does that count?

I also love, like my bike talk, if you don't watch SYTYCD, this post is like Latin to you.

Notes: So far I've voted for Chelsie, Gev, Mark,Twitch, Katee (based on their solo order) and the phone was busy for Joshua twice. Totally cancels it all out huh? Is this two hours long? Gotta love Joshua's tight pants (what???). Courtney is kind of bugging me. Kerrington can't talk. Canned heat. I am stunned. Yes, I still voted for Mark 4 times, wardrobe isn't his fault is it? Will is amazing. I think he has it made already. I mean dude, he is the star of Fame 2008, if you know what I mean? Didn't you love Fame? We did. I still recreate the opening of Fame, but not as much as when we were little. Confession #112...I like Chris Brown (unlike my not so secret devotion to Enrique, I don't actually own a song or CD of CBs, so my like isn't that deep yet). I recorded the Today show when he performed and I might have watched it more than once. That routine was buck. "Blah blah artisty meets blahbity blah expression". I will be watching that one more than once. I cried during the Imagine routine. Wow, wow! Okay, what it this IV Real thing? I am simply not that cool.

For probably the fifth time, this is the routine we watched over and over and over from season 3. I loved Pasha in this!

I've been hearing H mimic Mary Murphy and her screams and saying her "Hot Tamale Train" references. It cracks me up. They think she is totally funny, in like a crazy way, but I am trying to emphasize, that dude, she doesn't care what people think, she is fun and giggles and screams like a mad person and she doesn't care who is embarrassed for her. I love that about her. And the boys are going to love Mark's routine (that is O's favorite song).

I do this while AK is voluntarily cleaning the conference center with the stake, until past midnight. Nice.

Still busy calling for Joshua...good sign.


Sidney said...

Annette, you crack me up. Especially your last comment about Andy being up at the Conference Center. While I'm not watching this show, I did understand your language!

Andy said...

Just got home...12:30 in the am. Lots of solid peeps from the 'hood.

Lacyface said...

I LOVE SYTYCD and have missed almost every episode this summer due to its timing. Glad to know it is a great season.

Megan B said...

Cool. Keep posting the goods ones so I can watch. I loved checking it out on YouTube. Thanks. And are a nerd.

Christie K said...

I also love Mark, mainly because he is what a picture when I think of one of the Cullins in the Twilight series. When you see him dance do you think vampire? I also like to watch and pretend I believe in reincarnation. I'd come back as a beautiful dancer.

Jennie-O said...

I'm still bummed my swimmer friend Thayne is gone. I wish he could have returned last night instead of Comfort.

shel7by said...

i no likey comfort but i'm all about mark and his weird lizard dances.