Thursday, September 25, 2008


Morning hair. Incredible. I begged him to keep it like this.

Holden dressed himself. No, it is not goofy dress up day. He won't wear what I pick anymore. It's great he dresses himself and will actually wear this to school right? I noticed the socks came down by end of day. Also, today P really took off on walking, not just 2 or 3 steps and crawling but walking all over. It was fantastic!

The girls at the beginning of the play date. I tried to get them both standing up, but between my lame 7 year old camera and the girls, not happening. After this, we went on an almost hour long bike ride wherein the girls' very close proximity in the trailer led to many tears, AJ's shouts of "Help Me", pinching, pulling hair, and surely hitting (mostly the brutal stuff from PJ, the screams and shouts from AJ). It was lovely.
This picture really says a thousand words, don't you think? Breakfast this morning.


Rachel said...

Awesomest post ever. Seriously, so great.

I want lots of pictures of the "kicker" H during the game!

Rebekah said...

Seriously hilarious. I look forward to some creative combos coming from H Dog. I've posted some winning numbers picked by my kids--but the range of ridiculous clothing in their closet is far superior I'm sure. :) Hooray for P's walking!

MarySue said...

This was total Grammy therapy. I miss those loves so much and these were great and fun. I clicked to enlarge so I could see up close and personal...even your neighbors pretty yellow flowers...tee hee.

liz said...

With the bed head, awesome outfit, and the description of the trailer fight, this could be my favorite post ever. That bed head is truly amazing! I am so glad you documented it!