Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

Dear Diary,

Where to begin...

Last night H was the "Kickoff Captain" of the #15 ranked Utah football game, in which his darling self was pre-filmed and posted on the big screen as he waved and smiled with a huge "U" painted on his face (Maama has pictures), then proceeded to run across the field after kick-off to retrieve the football holder ("tee"), but he got snaked by a lame-o Weber state kicker, stealing the moment from the stoked kid. I think he was confused and disappointed but overall okay, and loved being recognized as "that kid" throughout the game. As his family, we were given the full on V.I.P. treatment, prime time parks, pre-game dinner, fun, facepainting (well, anyone can get it, O got the black undereyes, P got a tattoo on her cheek, and H got his face painted as previously mentioned (I thought the face painter was joking when he said "a U on his face" and motioned his whole face, I was thinking cheek...he wasn't joking. We had killer seats and were on the field until the kickoff thing, seeing the huge football players up close, and the basketball coach and team as well, and of course, Swoop. We even were delivered ice cream to our seats during the game. It was awesome. Oh, and H got a official football with the coach's signature. For a true Ute fan - a dream of a lifetime. And that would be me, but not so much Andy, who yes, graduated from the U (as I remind him when he balks at my "Utah Man Am I" singing and my annual suggestion that I would really, really like season tickets!).

Women's Conference - Utterly speechless. Almost. In our own Presidency, I think all of our directives were answered and delivered and/or discussed. The spirit is totally with our Relief Gang President who was already totally and completely in tune with the General Presidency and President Uchtdorf's messages. The last month of so we had been discussing our "Relief Society's next big task" and other such things as our Sidney "feeling like there is something we should be doing" and it was exactly what Sister Beck said, it was trippy. The rest was fortifying and inspiring and I've already watched President Uchtdorf's talk twice. There are so many aspects to "being creative", I definitely see the necessity with the Economic crises as well...jumping ahead of myself. If you don't have the capability or forgot to record the Conference like me, I watched it from and was amazed at the new program, its clarity, etc.

Some good scripture study. Long story short, I have written a goal and plan to study the 'Preach My Gospel' manual, slowly and thoroughly and giving myself until June 30, 2009 to finish, and it's going well. I am hoping my "companion" will jump on the band wagon, we'll see... I have scheduled only to study about a page a day, but I read through and mark (in purple) each scripture mentioned and read on and about and so on and note take so it takes some time. It has already enhanced my scripture "study" (really just reading mostly) so much, I am always excited for that little bit of quiet time to do it. So get on it and we can discuss or something. I envision a 'Preach My Gospel' study group, but am terrified to take it on right now.

Read 1 Timothy 4 and let's discuss. I found it fascinating today.

Got a great early morning bike ride in yesterday, not strenuous or hard, just smooth and good talk with darling Cat. Good soccer games yesterday, O & Caroline J. scored goals from the kick off, gotta love it. No goals were scored on H again. And the boys were perfecting their spirals (football) yesterday in the yard, which was awesome to see.

The primary program was today and despite seeing it two times previously and crying each time, I yet again, bawled like a baby. The boys did great, despite not memorizing their parts (totally my bad - I wrote Owen's "5 or 6 lines" during his rehearsal last week!) they spoke rather clearly and sang every note. Owen kept putting his arms over his head during his talk and while singing, which I don't quite know what that is about. H looked either ticked off or tired since he hadn't quite washed off the red "U" paint from around his eyes. P was cute watching and singing along and when O came up, she stood up and was wagging her finger and saying "No, no, no" at him. She is really walking all over and it's so cute to watch her in her short-alls and short skirts and her long, long legs sticking out almost looking immodest, since every thing looks super short, and/or is because of her incredibly long, long legs. She wants to see her friends in nursery, but she certainly won't stay there! So, we were toting her about again, and since Andy and I were both conducting this month, I took her today. Thanks to Liz and her containment skills, it turned out okay by the end. I will learn...

Andy is cracking some eggs (in his hopes to someday get Sunday dinners going again) so I'd best go help.


Sidney said...

I'm inspired by your goal to study Preach My Gospel. I'd better consider it myself. Thanks!

Rachel said...

You are an inspiration.

For Nursery, Ryan and I had the same problem with Mia, both in RS and EQ so she was with us as she flipped out. Until sweet Gerry, an older widow in our ward, volunteer to be her special friend in nursery. Mia cried but then got over it and became a champ. Find someone like that!!

liz said...

I loved this post. I giggled my way through much of it. I loved P wagging her finger and "no, no, no" - ing at her brother. I noticed that lots of the primary kids covered their mouths or did some other nervous behavior at the microphone. So cute. I loved having P sit with me in RS. I sometimes think our own babies are so sick of our own containment skills - someone else's baby usually seems easier b/c we have new tricks!

I like the Preach My Gospel idea.

MarySue said...

Yeah Annette-such the RS "gang"ster!

shel7by said...

i'll discuss 1 tim 4. the impression I got first time through is that i need to spend as much time working out my spirit as i do my body. studying preach my gospel might be a good way to do that. We can discuss it over steak...that we're so thankful for.