Sunday, September 28, 2008

Utah Game

H & O at the Utah vs. Weber game

The family in the tunnel after H's big moment.
H running to get the "tee", note the lame-o Weber kicker coming back as well (the other team was informed NOT TO PICK UP THE TEE).

Note H is kind of stunned Stopped as lame-o picks up the "tee".H at the 30 yard line making it across the field. What a babe. Once he figured out that the Weber guy made a mistake, he was cool, and loved the attention of people around the stadium that would recognize him.

Mom (AK did warn me my hair was kind of crazy, it was at the pre-game dinner, so a little late!) & PJ and her Ute tattoo.

Thanks Mom for the pictures.


Katie said...

It is good to see ya'll in red... even Andy... wow! It looked like a lot of fun... hmmmm... maybe I should go to a u game?

Rachel said...

Wish we could've been there...only to support H though:)

Andy said...

I think my shirt was more pink than red. And any song with the lyrics "kai yai" in them, is lame.
However, all allegiances aside, this was a very fun event for the family. College football rocks.

Katie said...

And Popcorn popping is so collegiate... Andy, I know you are a closet ute... just come out...we will still love you just the same well, even more!

MarySue said...

What fun and what an honor for H!!! I'm so glad it was such a fun family occasion. How did this come about? Also, I am a true blue BYU alumni and fan but hold no animosity toward any other university. Where does all this rivalry come from. Sign me Blue MarySue

Trevlyn said...

What fun! H is practically celebrity now! Your pictures are super!

Brittany and Derek said...

how fun that H got to do that!!!!

susanstayner said...

Doesn't it kinda count as my blog if you use my pictures in a blog?
Great event and loved being there with you.