Sunday, October 05, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

1. We turned our T.V. room into Conference central, complete with pulling out the black out table and placing it directly in between the couch and the tube and covered it with papers, notebooks, pens, crayons, scissors, and the great conference activity packet (thanks to Rachel & Aunt Jody). We watched the Tivo'd versions, which started about 15 minutes and up to 1 hour later due to soccer games, german oven pancake and vanilla syrup breakfast, spider web decorating, & lunch. I loved hearing the hope generating talks complete with new resolutions to be more of a peacemaker (Eyring), laugh more at life (Wirthlin) and that great blind date story, attend and focus on the temple more (Elaine S. Dalton), be very handsome and say "Moroni" adorably ("Moronee"), accept change and help other's more (Monson), remember the angels (like my mother) (Eyring), "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" by Sue Stayner as a likeness was said by President Eyring, whose own mother said - okay Andy just said "Long Term Perry" speaking of L. Tom (ie. we call Grandpa, as in Grandpa Al, his likeness). And many more... I am still in need of watching them again due to crossword puzzles, helping with spelling Apostles names, the Quorom of the Twelve memory match game, and trying to keep P from destroying everything. It was lovely. A definite highlight was the Kaysville youth choir harmonizing to "I Am A Child of God" (our Farmington kids would ask to do that every week and I was always impressed, still am, by that talent).

Who is that little girl in the yellow dress, the most darling blonde hair, and black rimmed glasses? Love the sly looks of the kids towards the cameras. So cute!

2. It snowed at the 'bird! I can't wait to go play in it.

3. Rain and the bless-ed lovely autumn weather.

4. Facing the fact that I am addicted to facebook. Seriously. I am a nerd and need help.

5. Going to Kate's with the kids last night, who upon hearing that the Creer kids were dressed up in their Halloween costumes, quickly got into their costumes; O, a power ranger, H, a skeleton (from last year), and P in her kitty cat (she loves wearing it). I took some pictures on Kate's camera of the very pre-Halloween fun. I delighted in having to go to the store on the way and traipsing the kids through the grocery store in their Halloween finery on October 4th.

6. The boys going fishing Friday night and seeing their first moose of the season, two in fact, and going on a new trail up Little Cottonwood (White Pine). No fish, but lots of yellow leaves were found and brought home.

7. I got a fun break to Market Square with H. Johnson yesterday afternoon wherein I have only ventured into the fabric section before and this time hit the food with a vengeance (you know 1-year supply and all). Went a little crazy and still need to buy milk and eggs in the morning.

8. Got the Halloween gear up, including the aforementioned web, and the scary dude who hangs from the tree.

9. Getting back in the cooking and baking gear and being psyched it's soup weather.

10. I was biking with P on Friday morning last week and I was doing hills (up to and to the top of St. Mary's, where Grandpa D.O. & Marjorie lived above the zoo) and on the way we caught up to a beautiful dog (for P's entertainment) being run by a cute, super fit lady who exclaimed, "Wow, you are fast", and I mumbled how I was just catching up to her to see the dog and a thank you and further sought to impress her by turning and going up a steeper hill. I was stoked and such a show off.

That's the glorious Annette week (lost tempers, time outs, escapes, and other Annettisms omitted).


Rachel said...

Ok, every post makes me laugh and miss you more. Stop being so great:) Love you.

liz said...

"Annetteisms." Love it!

shel7by said...

i kind of have a girl-crush on you.