Friday, September 19, 2008


Let her,
Climb mountain peaks,
Pilot airplanes,
Battle against the elements,
Take risks,
Go out for adventure,
She will not
Fell before the world
- Simone de BeauvoirI got the poem quote from the very first page of this book I picked up at the library today. The into talks about how so many more women today are in sports than ever before. My Relief Gang President is occasionally remarking about the 20-somethings in our area that all seem to be very into fitness and exercise (and which I always love chatting to them about). And how the previous generations aren't as into athletic endevours. I see that in our area, but my grandmother played on her college (Utah State) basketball team, and my mother finished her first triathlon this year. I have been very fortunate to have athletic sisters, friends, a mother, grandmothers, and mother in law, and many women and men that have encouraged this by their own athleticism (Ron & Sue R., Pres. Warner, our Point Loma Princeton/Pac Life tennis neighbors who taught me how to play and let me endlessly borrow their tennis balls and play against their garage and were also always the one to get to run the Spirit Run because they would win and if you signed them up you would get the glory). I just think it's cool and really loved the quote and wanted to blog about it.


Michelle said...

Love that too. I am so grateful for the people who taught me to run, lift breathe, be...

Hey come over on a Tuesday girl(10 a.m.). We all miss you!

Katie said...

I think you might be a little obsessed about triathons right now... da ya think? Nonetheless - it is a good thing to be obsessed about!

liz said...

Love that poem. Love it.

Brooke said...

I love it Annette! How is the book? I think racing is so great! Especially for women. How great is it to set the goal and accomplish something you never thought you could do? I think its great for health and self-esteem. People tell me I'm obsessed too. I think there's nothing wrong with that!

susanstayner said...

Your example has prompted me to be more involved with physical activity. Thanks for setting a good one. Ethel is so proud of you, and so am I.

The Ringleader said...

Thanks for the great poem! I am actually jogging in place while I write this. j/k Annette truly you inspire me with your athletic prowess! One day soon I hope to hop on the triathlon wagon!