Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grateful Sabbath

1. We had the great opportunity (and took it) to go see the replay of this morning's Regional Conference addresses. A few years ago we went on a fantastic family hike in the snow instead, and regretted it for at least a year, when we kept hearing about how fantastic it was, and not knowing what all the great fuss was about. So we repented and went and glad we did. It was full of fantastic addresses to fortify and teach our young family and develop a more Christ-like home. I took notes, despite juggling the boys and trying as hard as I could to get them to at least listen to the Prophet, to no success.

2. I am grateful for our health and safety this week.

3. I am grateful for parents that still attend my events, seriously, I can't think of one (okay one in Arizona, but they weren't even close, and my in-laws came, so that counts too!) event since I played pee-wee soccer. Amazing!

4. I think it's awesome that the Mountain West is pounding on the Pac 10 (BYU stomping UCLA and beating Washington last week, and UNLV beating ASU, while Utah killed UNLV last week).

5. AK got to go to the BYU game and celebrate with and at Mr. BYU's Provo house (S. Kimball) after the game. He had a great time!

6. I am grateful I recorded SNL to watch Tina Fey "do" Palin.

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Megan B said...

Yes...the Tina Fey Palin thing had my peeing my pants!!! She was RIGHT on! Awesome! I replayed it like 10 times.