Sunday, November 09, 2008


Fly Fishing

Loves being bossy, not really, he is really good at charades

Fulfills my dream of loving a surfer boy

5 things Andy loves
  1. Fly fishing
  2. Cooking scones, sourdough pancakes, turkeys, baking bread, and making frosting (okay, I don't know how much he loves doing this, or if he is compelled because he would otherwise starve, but he is darn good at 'em).
  3. Surfing
  4. The Lord (he is the total rock in our family, if you don't believe me, you may not know us very well).
  5. His #1 Fan Club (Yours truly, President; Penelope Jane, VP; Holden & Owen, the Hooligans)
5 things on Andy's to-do list
  1. Replace the light switches upstairs.
  2. Finish painting the trim and new doors.
  3. Go fly fishing.
  4. Work meetings
  5. Watch Sportscenter
5 things you may not know about Andy
  1. He loves watching football, basketball, and baseball and almost never misses SportsCenter.
  2. He completed his B.S. at the University of Utah, but since his formative and fun college years were spent at BYU, is a true blue Cougar (which bugs the noggins out of me). Go Utes!
  3. He is fiercely loyal.
  4. He is good at every sport he tries.
  5. He is competitive, but it is totally on the down low, so sssshhhhhh don't tell him.
5 places Andy has lived
  1. Joseph & Lake Oswego, Oregon
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Provo, Salt Lake City, & Farmington, Utah
  4. Two which shall not be named but rhyme with vryoming and jilsa, sucatoma
  5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 quirky things about Andy
  1. He doesn't cheer in public.
  2. He likes to throw away things that are simply in the way.
  3. He is fiercely loyal.
  4. He likes to throw things away (like valuable shoes, sentimental clothing, dishes, etc.). Some things just fit best in 2 categories.
  5. He used to believe that he had to be able to fit all of his belongings in his car. HAAHAAHAAHAAHAAHAA. Then he got married. To me.

5 really, really nice things about Andy
  1. He almost always lets me tag along (fly-fishing, snowboarding, mountain biking, etc.)
  2. He bathes the kids.
  3. He is a great cook and makes us our fancy breakfasts (I just realized he might of been compelled to do this, as my favorite thing used to be to go out to breakfast, now it's for AK to cook breakfast).
  4. He can be seen often taking the kids to the park, on a walk, to a museum, sledding, and more...he is a fantastic father.
  5. I love him to bits and I am quite alright (if a lot bit cocky).
Thanks Sidney for the inspiration.


Jody said...

I too love Andy to pieces! That was so much fun to read and have confirmed all that I knew and loved about him. You two are lucky to have each other! Have a great week, hugs

MarySue said...

Made me tear. It's hard on a mom when her son is out of state and we can't be together much. This was such a beautiful thing Annette. Thanks and we are so excited to be spending Thanksgiving with you.

Rachel said...

Andy is awesome. Can't wait to play soon!

shel7by said...

andy said "hi" to me once.

Andy said...

Wow...who's this Andy character. Too kind. JTM.

Brooke said...

Nice to learn some things about Andy! How are you?